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North Leigh Parish Council

Meets every second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in the Youth Centre of the Memorial Hall, North Leigh.

Planning Applications

The council has submitted the following objections to P17/02463/RES – Bellway – 76 homes: North Leigh Parish Council must once again register its disappointment that only 21 days have been given to submit its comments on this highly contentious application.  

The Parish Council objects to application 17/02463/RES on the following grounds:

1.1       In the Planning Statement the applicant refers to Policy BE2: “New developments should respect and, where possible, improve the character and quality of its surroundings….Proposals will only be permitted if …. the following criteria are met;   Quality of Development and Impact upon the area;            

a) the proposal is well designed and respects the existing scale, pattern and character of the surrounding area;            

b) new buildings…..are designed to respect or enhance the form, siting, scale, massing and external materials and colours of adjoining building traditions reflected as appropriate;            

f) in the open countryside, any appropriate development will be easily assimilated into the landscape……..”  

1.2       The two “2.5” storied blocks of flats on the SE corner of the site have been placed at its highest point and will dominate the skyline. They obstruct the view and seriously overlook properties and gardens of residents at the western end of Perrot’s Close. Single story bungalows proposed at lower levels of the site would be more appropriately located at the higher part of the site and would respect the scale of existing properties on Perrot’s Close.  

1.3       The site occupies the highest point of the village, and as such impacts on the sky line when viewed from the south and from the north.  The applicants claim under para. 7.19 that design and landscape mitigates the view from the A40 is irrelevant and misleading. There is no view of North Leigh, let alone the site, from the A40 trunk road which runs east to west 2 miles south of the site.  

1.4       Para 7.3 claims to respect the character of the local area in terms of design and claims that the materials chosen also reflect the local character of the area. Para 7.26 claims that dwellings are in keeping with local styles and materials. Para 28 declares that the proposed housing will comprise 76 two-story dwellings.    

These are all misleading statements.    

1.5      One bedroom maisonettes in 2.5 storey blocks of flats are not local and alternative designs should be found in order to respect the character of the surrounding area. Red brick, buff brick and off-white rendering are rare and unusual for properties on New Yatt Road which in the vast majority of cases are stone or reconstructed stone faced. In order to respect local building materials and traditions, all units on the site should be stone or reconstructed stone finish.  

The housing comprises 2.5 storied flats and detached properties, 2 storied detached and semi-detached dwellings and single story bungalows. It seems that the writers of the planning statement have not seen the layout and design plans.  

The designs proposed are clearly intended for large urban and suburban developments. This site is in open countryside; the designs are therefore inappropriate for this rural landscape and should be reconsidered.  

2.1       The applicant refers to Policy BE3            

“Development should make provision for the safe movement of people and vehicles”            

“Proposals will only be permitted if…. the following criteria are met;            

a) safe and convenient circulation of pedestrians and cyclists, both within and externally to nearby facilities……            

b) safe movement of all vehicular traffic both within the site and on the surrounding highway network.”  

2.2       The projected refuse collection movement drawings assume nil on-street parking.  The domestic car parking arrangements on site fail to recognise the common practice of on-street parking by residents and visitors. Whilst a total of 161 parking spaces are provided on the site, there are insufficient spaces provided in the SE corner ie. in the affordable housing zone. Many spaces in other zones are ‘linear’ pairs which are effectively single places.  

2.3       Overall the proposals encourage on-street parking on relatively narrow streets and increase the risk of serious traffic incidents. The provision of more street laybys would better meet the criteria for the safe movement of vehicular traffic.  

2.4       Major highway alterations, including new footpaths, on New Yatt Road towards North Leigh village are subject to S106 conditions in application 17/01845/OUT for 40 units on the north side of the road. The highway alterations have not yet been finalised. Clearly this development of an additional 76 units will have a serious impact on the ‘surrounding highway network’.  

The PC urge the committee to defer any decision on 17/02463/RES until the highway problems of 17/01845/RES have been resolved.  

3.1       Should this application be approved, and without prejudice to our objections, the Parish Council would require the following compensation in mitigation of the social impact of the development and the added demands on the village infrastructure.  

3.2       The importance of the 233 bus service is shown by the recent increase in the service to two per hour weekday daytimes. The service is acknowledged in the Local Transport Plan as providing North Leigh with a credible link with employment opportunities, a better connection with trains at Long Hanborough station and better connections to strategic bus services to Oxford. To make the increased service as attractive as possible, the Parish Council demands a contribution to the local transport infrastructure of £49,200 for the construction of 6 bus shelters on Common Road and Park Road.  

3.3       This development together with the approved development on the north side of New Yatt Road, will add a total of 116 units, (probably 230 extra cars) whose access to the A4095 is directly through the centre of the village. The primary school, the village Post Office and shop and the Community Hall will be exposed to a dramatic increased flow of traffic. The Parish Council requires a Zebra Crossing at the school entrance to ensure the safety of children and village residents, practical details to be agreed by OCC Highways Dept. and Bellway, in discussion with the Parish Council.. 

The next meeting will be on Thursday, 12th October, 7.30pm in the Youth Centre, Memorial Hall. All Council meetings are open to the public and we welcome your participation.  Full minutes will be available on

Parish Clerk, Allison Leigh, 26 Eaton Village, Eaton, Oxfordshire  OX13 5PR                          E-mail address:


Updated : October 2017