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St.Mary's Church

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July marks the time when the year 6 pupils at North Leigh, and primary schools across the country, prepare to leave the well-known school environment and move onto their new schools – a journey into the uncertainty. No one knows what will be in store for each child as they leave the school and begin their next phase of their education and their journey towards adulthood. Recently, churches and schools across the Oxford Diocese have been using Bishop Steven’s book on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-10) as the basis for thinking about being contemplative, compassionate and courageous. It is the final theme that we are concentrating on as we prepare the year 6 and others across the school to leave the familiar and take the next step into the future. We wish them well as they move on.

We all need to be courageous, as well as contemplative and compassionate, in the way we live our lives; none of us know what the future holds and what opportunities there will be on the horizon. We just have to be open to the possibilities and to help others along the way.

As we go through life we join many different groups, meet new friends and colleagues, some of whom will be life-long friends, we need to build that sense of communities that care for one another but who also stand up for what is right. Throughout the Bible there are examples of courageous individuals who have represented their community in standing firm – we can think of Moses leading the people out of Egypt, David battling Goliath, Daniel in the lions’ den and Jesus’ disciples as they told the people about Jesus and his resurrection (Acts 2).

Over the next few weeks, at St Mary’s, we will baptise several children, prepare adults for confirmation, say good bye to another class of children, marry several couples as well as walk with those who are sick, dying or bereaved; they all need courage – they all need to be shown and show compassion and also to be contemplative as they think about the future and the path on which their journey will continue.

God Bless,



Coming services/events

If you require more information about any of our services or events please contact Margaret.

Sunday 8th July
10.00am Holy Communion
6.00pm Evening Prayer (BCP) 

Saturday 14th July
10.30 - 12.30pm KIDZONE in the Youth Centre

Sunday 15th July
10.00am Family Communion and holy baptism
6.00pm Reflective Evening Prayer

Wednesday 18th July
12.00 - 4.00pm Seniors’ Lunch and Tea Club in Turner Hall

Friday 20th July
2.00pm School Leavers’ Service 

Sunday 22nd July
10.00am Holy Communion
6.00pm Evening Prayer

Sunday 29th July
10.00am Communion and holy baptism
6.00pm Celtic Service

Sunday 5th August
8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
11.00am Summer Celebration` bring and share’ picnic at the Vicarage – all welcome
6.00pm Holy Communion (CW)

Updated : July 2018

Windmill Gospel Hall

Not everyone, but many are taken up by the global Football World Cup this last few weeks. Many people across the world are supporting their team and are very passionate in supporting and hoping their team will go all the way to the 15th July Final!

It is in the main described as a festival that all the world can enjoy and this time it is being held in Russia. All continents are represented and Russia is welcoming teams and supporters alike from every corner of the world.

As I have seen the different flag waving people from South America, Central & North America, Asia, Europe and Africa many with bright costumes and painted faces I was reminded of a children’s chorus I was taught in Sunday School many years ago that went like this –

Jesus did indeed die for all no matter what continent and country you are from. In John 3 v 16 it tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus) that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. It doesn’t matter where you are from but it matters where you are going eternally. Jesus did indeed die for all but as the verse says we need to believe that Jesus died for us as individuals and then our eternal security is guaranteed. I trust you have this assurance for your future or if not, that you will believe.

Why not come and join with us for our family Service every Sunday at 4.00pm where you would be made most welcome. If you would like to come but need transport, please let us know by calling our free phone number 0800 026 3000. 


Weekly Services for July

Every Sunday 11.30am Sunday School (School term only until 22nd July)
Sunday 8th 4.00pm Family Service
Sunday 15th 4.00pm Friends and Family Tea
Sunday 22nd 4.00pm Family Service

Updated : July 2018